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Improve Your Online Rankings with a Comprehensive Content Gap Analysis

You can also use interactive video to introduce applicants to your company culture and let them decide upfront whether they’re a good fit. This is exactly what Heineken did back in 2016.

This particular interactive marketing campaign went viral and  them to see a 300% uptick in applicants.

One very effective way to use interactive video is instructional videos to teach your customers about your products and services, allowing them to get  along the way.

This shows your customers you value their purchase and them as a customer by taking the time to create interactive instructional videos to help them after their purchase.

When customers feel, they are more likely to return to make another purchase.

If You Are Ready to Truly Stand

Your overall marketing campaign is nothing if you don’t get feedback.

Feedback is by far the most important part of customer retention. This is true regardless of the industry you’re in.

Asking for feedback from customers will always outbound calling laws make them feel and appreciated, and it helps you thrive as a business.

96% of customers report that customer service is a key factor in determining their brand loyalty.

Feedback allows customers to share their opinions and helps you figure out where (if at all) you went wrong so you can fix it in the future.

While This Can Take Some

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Interactive content is perfect for obtaining feedback from your customers.

You can create an interactive survey requesting customers for their feedback regarding your service and/or product.

This information can then be  to improve the customer experience, products, etc.

One problem with feedback surveys is that Latest Bulk SMS customers don’t always like to do them.

So, you may want to provide some type of incentive to get them to partake in the survey, like Home Depot.

In Home Depot’s interactive survey, they let you know up front that you will be entered into a sweepstakes drawing to win a $5,000 gift card to Home Depot upon completion of the survey.

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