Social selling is mainly us in the B B  business to business but it is also gaining popularity among B C (business to consumer) companies. It should also be not that social selling is not the same as social mia marketing. They are distinguish from each other mainly by two aspects – purpose area of ​​use. differences between social selling social mia marketing Thanks to social selling, it is possible to present your offer the values ​​it provides to potential customers. Specialists are also able to offer assistance, answer questions ensure that users can contact them at every stage of the purchase.

The benefits of social selling According

The Digital report in in Pol as many as million people us social mia. This number indicates that over of Poles are active on various Internet platforms. Therefore, they provide great opportunities not only in the area of ​​entertainment, but also in terms Croatia Phone Number List of sales. Social mia is an opportunity to effectively reach a wide range of potential customers With their help, it is possible to carry out an easy selection of users, so as to choose those who best match your target group. In this way, you are able to contact people who may show the greatest interest in your offer.

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In thanks to social selling, you can build the image of your br as an expert in the industry It also increases its cribility ruces barriers between the company the consumer. It is also worth looking at various types of numerical data. For Latest Bulk SMS example, according to LinkIn statistics of sellers who use social selling achieve better results than those who do not use social mia in their activities. of B B buyers use social mia to make purchasing decisions. of B B marketers indicate that LinkIn generates twice as many sales leads as the second most effective platform after it.

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