Correct implementation appropriate rirections between protocols. General page structure – adjusting the structure of URL addresses, logical division of subpages. Content available on the website – uniqueness of the content, its saturation with keywords, appropriate structure of the headers, possible duplications Correct preparation implementation of meta tags – adapting the meta title meta description to the requirements of search engines, using unique meta tags on each subpage. Adaptation to mobile devices – optimization of the website for display on mobile devices. Internal linking – the correctness of the structure of internal links that allow logical navigation around the site.

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Page loading spe – the spe of its loading on mobile desktop devices, in terms of Core Web Vitals. Overall site performance – image sizes, cross-device responsiveness. By properly adjusting the content, meta tags the overall structure of the entire site, search Costa Rica Phone Number List engines will be able to better index your page include it in search results for relevant key phrases. In addition, elements such as page loading spe or adaptation to various devices positively affect the overall user experience, which translates into higher conversion. Remember, however, that on-site SEO activities are only part of the entire website positioning process.

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It is also necessary to analyze off-site activities, external linking. Evaluation of off-site activities, external linking Off-site SEO activities mainly consist Latest Bulk SMS of obtaining external links by the website These links are important because search engines treat them as information that the page is valuable. The more more qualitative links a given website has, the better position it will have in search results for specific key phrases. The link building process should be carri out in a strategic way. You should also remember about the principles of naturalness diversification of links.

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