elect keywords choose which of them will ultimately be us for positioning conducting a PPC advertising campaign The relatively complicat somewhat mysterious name hides nothing more than a list of keywords that are usually found in a spreadsheet or other tool for organizing data A keyword matrix can contain several columns with different types of data us to compare each keyword The exact data that will be includ in the analysis depends on the decision of the people responsible for positioning keyword evaluation Typically, however, when creating a keyword matrix, parameters such as the number of searches for a specific keyword, the intentions of users entering a given word into the search engine (eg willingness to buy or find information), the difficulty of positioning for a given keyword, possibly the costs per one displayclick during an advertising campaign in Google Ads Keyword matrix is ​​therefore a very accurate.

of detail information about keywords relat to the subject of the company or online store APPLICATION OF KEYWORD MATRIX The keyword matrix is ​​one of the first things that should be creat when developing an SEO strategy , positioning planning planning a PPC advertising campaign in Google Ads The spreadsheet creat in the process of conducting keyword research provides a comprehensive overview of keywords, which you can return to at any time while working on the position of the website The knowlge gather in a spreadsheet creat as a keyword matrix is ​​extremely valuable It directly helps you choose the right keywords for your br, positioning goals.

budget stage of your company’s development Analyzing information about separate keywords allows you to see how much effort is ne to ultimately be in the top positions for the select keywords In general, it is recommend to design your own keyword list in such a way that the keywords are divid into different groups For example, in the case of positioning an online clothing store for teenagers, you can separate keywords that are us by users when they are ready to make a purchase when their goal is only to find information about the available offer WHY IS IT WORTH USING THE KEYWORD MATRIX? The use of keywords in the positioning process is an obvious necessity It is equally obvious to conduct a very thorough keyword research However, not everyone understs how helpful.

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