Filling up the volume – additional paragraphs are ddress issues that we will not find there supplement them with valuable conclusions, figures, research, definitions or expert statements Writing in the right language Among the recommendations for a copywriter creating evergreen content, it is worth including information that he should avoid phrases referring to dates times, such as: last year, last month, or using the year in headlines, which is quite popular in news articles Speaking of language, it is also worth making sure that it is quite simple the sentences are not too complex This will increase the chances of reaching more customers who will stay on the site longer Recipients have an increasingly shorter attention.

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Able to focus their attention on one topic Too much complexity or specializ language in longer texts scares them away The formatting of the text is also important: we focus primarily on shorter paragraphs, more subheadings, lists, tables enriching the Kazakhstan Mobile Number List content with infographics In longer texts, it is also good to use tables of contents summaries, eg in the form of FAQs Supplementing the content with keywords links The main keywords on which we focus in the text should appear in it from several to even a dozen or so times, depending on its length It is also worth taking an interest in long tail keywords, ie longer keywords, ie not running shoes, but rather asphalt running shoes supination running shoes Any references to content already on.

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Properly done internal linking is one of the Google ranking factors CTA – call to action If evergreen content is creat to collect leads, you should include cal to action in it In longer texts, it can be more than one call to action, preferably in a distinctive Latest Bulk SMS form, eg a contrasting banner EVERGREEN CONTENT – EXAMPLES As research shows, the most frequently read texts on the Internet are those that have a question in the title answer common problems, describe step-by-step solutions, are guides for beginners in a certain field No less popular are all calculations, eg best, ways to Here are some title templates that, well develop, guarantee the interest of Internet users: What is the best When is the best time to Why X is better tha How to make.

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