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An extensive analytics section can significantly help your company in its further development. Let’s check what benefits are behind it! Assessment of the effectiveness of PR and marketing activities Brand monitoring is especially useful when it comes to measuring the results of marketing campaigns and PR activities. Mention analysis provides data on: the reach of your brand or campaign hashtag, the reach of your posts on social media, the reach of your content outside of social media, the number of mentions about you that appeared in various online channels overtones of mentions.

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The context of the discussion in which the mentions are made. By carefully observing all these indicators, you can easily evaluate the results of your marketing and PR activities. Project data analysis in Brand24 Monitor your brand! Create your- CREATE A Latest Mailing Database TEST ACCOUNT Presenting hard numbers will help you defend the effects of your work. Analytics data helps you understand how your work contributes to the company’s overall success, and see. Reputation management People talk, and often behind your back – on platforms where you’re not active. It’s your job to reach out to these discussions and react accordingly (if the situation calls for it). a potential crisis early enough before it escalates and protect your company’s reputation.

Latest Mailing Database

This way you can detect

A key element of effective crisis management is a quick response to all negative feedback. Media monitoring tools usually have a notification Latest Bulk SMS system so you can set alerts for the most important mentions. You can receive notifications in three ways: Integration with Slack – Every time there is a new mention, you will automatically receive a message on the selected Slack channel, Storm Alerts – When there is an unexpected increase in, you will receive an e-mail notification.

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