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Michael Siembab November , NSA If the sale takes place in a building, you do not have to pay the market fee LOCAL GOVERNMENT TAXES LOCAL FEES TAX ADVISOR The provisions of the Act on Local Taxes Fees give a clear message the market fee is charg both to natural persons, legal persons, as well as organizational units without legal personality that sell at marketplaces, however, the market fee is not applicable to sales in buildings or their parts. This is confirm by the Supreme Administrative Court. Malwina PasternakJanik Łódź,  here investors will arrange construction formalities the fastest CONSTRUCTION Investors wait up to a year for.

The issuance of development conditions

The situation is better in the case of building permits more than one in four decisions was issu within days of submitting the application. The leader in this category is the city of Łódź, where all building permits for residential investments were issu in in UK Mobile Number List no more than days, according to the Ranking of Cities organiz by the Polish Association of Developers. Renata KrupaDąbrowska October , NSA Measuring stations are structures when there is a technical utility connection with a gas pipeline CONSTRUCTION ECONOMIC LAW SMALL MIUMSIZ COMPANIES In the legal status in force before June for the imposition of the real estate tax on.

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Rucing stations points, rucingmeasuring

Measuring points, the decisive factor is the existence of a technicalutility relationship between these facilities the gas pipeline, which determines Latest Bulk SMS the taxation of these facilities as structures or parts thereof Wieslawa Moczydlowska October , There will be changes in the construction law a quick procure not only for houses up to sq m. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION CONSTRUCTION The list of investments requiring a building permit or notification will shrink even more. It will be possible to build twostorey singlefamily houses on simplifi terms, as according to the regulations already in force, houses up to.

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