By knowing your reach, or Twitter exposure potential, you can better adapt your social media strategy and craft annual goals that are more in line with the possibilities.

Twitter Impressions vs. Engagements

A high engagement rate with your tweets is your goal on Twitter.

Whether the engagement is in the form of likes, retweets, or clicks, the rate results from whatever way someone interacts with your Tweet.

This rate is easily calculated by dividing total engagements (those likes, retweets, and clicks) by total impressions.

The best-case scenario is to have a high number of impressions and a robust engagement rate.


Why Should You Care About Your Twitter Impressions

For best results, start by getting to know your audience. What are their main interests? Which Tweets receive the most attention?

Your Twitter Analytics dashboard provides information on viewers’ interests, which can be anything from technology to entrepreneurship to finance.

Focus on whatever you find, at least to phone lists start; then, you can adjust and adapt your content strategy as you learn more and more about the wants of your audience.

Also, look for correlations among the top topics, styles, and length of Tweets. Experiment with similar correlations.

Once your find the right content types for your particular audience, make sure you remain consistent in your posting schedule. Don’t give followers time to forget your brand but instead, keep engagement potential up by tweeting often.

Utilize Efficient Hashtags

Hashtags are a highly useful tool on Twitter, so spend time discerning which ones will work best for you.

These hashtags can introduce you to entirely new audiences interested in what you have to offer.

Users of the platform will conduct a search Latest Bulk SMS on specific hashtags, and that could lead them to you and increase your impression rate at the same time.

Every digital marketing plan needs to factor in a Twitter hashtag campaign or two.


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