In this way, we avoid making mistakes or prevent them in order to improve our study. So, what are the functions of the theoretical framework ? Next, we will present it as a list: It establishes the limits of an investigation, as it allows delimiting the object of study and its scope. It helps to identify the variables relevant to the study and establish the relationships between them. The theoretical framework is also useful for interpreting research results , as it provides a framework for understanding and explaining the data collected.

Sparta the Peloponnesian

Theoretical framework examples to better understand the dynamics, we will give an example of a theoretical framework that has as its theme “psychological consequences in children of women victims of family violence”: first, the background of this topic must be b2b leads addressed, selecting information from other authors who have previously investigated the topic . In this case, studies could be presented on the effects of family violence at different levels. Remember that, if there is no prior information, you will be the person in charge of creating a precedent.

War Who Was Known

Then, you must list theoretical concepts that help you understand the research more precisely. For the example given, we will describe concepts such as the following: “physical violence”, psychological violence, “sexual violence”, “domestic violence”, “patterns of violence”, “domestic violence”, among others. Surely you are taking a course related to this discipline or plan to study a career Latest Bulk SMS related to this branch. The truth is that statistics is very useful and even more interesting than you think, since it is used in many fields. But first, what is statistics ? It is the science that is responsible for studying numerical data and analyzing information in order to obtain, collect, analyze and present real data.

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