It is recommended that every theoretical framework has updated information. In general, you can use data from authors up to 10 years old, but the ideal is to choose theory published up to 5 years old. Organization It is important to follow a structure that can give greater order to the piece to be written. Therefore, correct use of background information and adequate theoretical information will be followed. Citations and references Do not forget to use quotes and references in your study, as they are a vital part of validating the theories and concepts that you can break down in your research.

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Remember that if you write an idea from another author and do not give them credit, you could commit plagiarism. Drafting perhaps it is obvious, but good writing is key to presenting your studies. It is important not to redound on information already presented and to use clear and concise language. Example of b2b email list theoretical framework structure of the theoretical framework if you are wondering what the structure of the theoretical framework is , then you should keep these points in mind: background the first part of a theoretical framework is based on the compilation of information from past research that is similar to the problem of the study.

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All information included in the background must be consistent with the field of interest. Remember that it must be precise and concise, without having filler information. Theoretical bases It is the grouping of concepts and terms that will be defined in Latest Bulk SMS the following paragraphs to understand the research in greater detail. The theories that will help you reinforce your research will be specified. If there are no previous concepts or ideas, you can create them yourself and capture them in your studio. FUNCTIONS OF THE THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK The theoretical framework has the main function of adding new information to what already exists on the specific topic to be investigated.

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