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This is how you can get the first sales at minimal cost. To increase the visibility of your own ads on the site you can buy additional ad impressions. Also links from aggregators will be useful for search promotion. The advantages of this type of advertising accommodation at minimal cost; relatively high return spe; lack of large labor costs; getting backlinks to the site. There are price aggregators disadvantages. Among them it is worth noting the following the number of ad views clicks is limit; not all niches have appropriate sites; goods on them are position as inexpensive therefore such web resources are not suitable for trading in the middle high price segment.

Here is an example of popular price

Aggregator Adding an online store site to price aggregators Chatbots for online store promotion This method should be focus on. The virtual assistant greatly simplifies the work of online store managers. It is worth programming the necessary functions Uganda Phone Number List once the bot will automatically use them when the visitor contacts. Here are a few features benefits of chatbots Instant response to an incoming lead There is no human factor here because the chatbot does not ne to be distract by its own business. At any time of the day or night he will send a response to the user without the intervention of the manager.

Phone Number List

Lead qualification possible to questionnaire

That will allow you to request certain information from a potential client email phone etc. Consultation on products conditions of purchase delivery You will ne to add the most common questions with answers to them to the bot. For example where delivery is Latest Bulk SMS possible how to make payment etc. Base mailings The chatbot can also send messages on social networks with personalization other finer segmentation of the base. Creating a chat bot for a store is definitely the right solution. It will simplify your interaction with buyers improve behavioral factors. Example Chatbots for online store promotion Email newsletter for an online store Mass mailing still occupies a well-deserv place in website promotion strategies.

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