For example the husb receives a bank transfer for example. From his father as a gift, the question often arises among the spouses is the spouse oblig to pay tax on this donation? Well. This question must be answer in the negative. The spouse will not be requir to pay inheritance gift tax in the describ situation. There are several circumstances that give rise to such doubts. The first is relat to the existence of joint property between the spouses. Well, in the present situation, only the husb is a taxpayer of inheritance.

Donation tax account of receiving donation

That this does not automatically mean the. Obligation to pay this tax. The provisions of the Act of July Journal of Laws of , item , as amend on inheritance gift tax. Provide for a taxfree amount, which for persons classifi in the first tax Japan Phone Number List group is PLN PLN , tax. Exemption in the case of purchases from persons with the socall group including parents. A donation made in the immiate family may be exempt from inheritance. Donation tax regardless of its value after meeting two conditions.The first is to report the receipt of the donation to the tax office within six months.

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The second to document the receipt

Of money by transfer or transfer. See in LEX Documentation of a cash donation from a relative as a condition for tax exemption case law Price for you PLN Inheritance Gift Tax Act. Comment Pawel Borszowski. Krzysztof MusiaƂ Check WE RECOMMEND A gift for a spouse Let us return for a moment to the issue of joint property Latest Bulk SMS between spouses. At the time of marriage, a joint property community statutory joint property is establish. Between the spouses by virtue of the law, covering property items acquir during the marriage by both spouses or by one of them joint property. Property items not cover by statutory joint. Ownership belong to the personal property of each of the spouses Article of the Act of February Family Guardianship Code.

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