There will also be no ne to issue invoices via the National eInvoice System between the entities forming the group. Accounting notes will be issu. It’s a big relief. Such, among others the conclusion results from the th ition of the KPMG Tax Accounting Congress. Noncontractual use of the premises may be subject to VAT VAT ACCOUNTING PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION The impli, tacit consent of the property owner to its use by the current user results in taxation as the provision of services. It may then be necessary to settle VAT. This is confirm by the recent interpretation of the director of the National Tax Information. Remuneration for unlawful use of real estate is also associat with the right to claim damages.

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Foundation Act will enter into force on May , The new law is to allow family businesses to operate stably after the owner’s death or retirement. According to experts, this is a chance to solve the problem of inheritance of family businesses, the new regulations New Zealand Phone Numbers List will help to continue running a business in the perspective of more than one generation. Share the article add to Favorites On December last year, the Sejm adopt the longawait act on family foundations , ensuring favorable rules of property inheritance, on January this year, accept most of the Senate’s amendments to it.

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Reliefs dem by the business relaxes the rigid rules of the legitim. According to experts, now there is a chance for the new law to solve the problem of inheriting family businesses. ACT OF JANUARY , ON THE FAMILY FOUNDATION The head of the Latest Bulk SMS development ministry, Waldemar Buda, during the parliamentary work on solutions regarding the family foundation , emphasiz that the task of the act is to primarily manage protect the property in accordance with the will specifi by the founder in the statute. He assess that thanks to the draft regulations, the company’s assets will be kept in one h, which will contribute to its development.

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