Regularity commitment in creating articles will ensure you a wide loyal audience, as well as a high position in Google. What should you write about on a company blog? Articles on the company blog should be interesting for users respond to the query enter in the search engine. In order for your content to rank high generate traffic to your website, it is essential to develop it bas on SEO-relat keyword phrases. To do this, check with keyword analysis tools, such as Senuto or Semrush , what phrases your website is display for. In addition, prepare a list of your own keywords that interest you,  account the volume of searches. The choice of key phrases should be consistent.

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With the business you run its products or you care about the most.Remember, however, that the content for the company blog should not be creat using phrases for which you have prepar product or service pages! In the articles, use relat Saudi Arabia Phone Numbers List keywords ( the long tails mention earlier) of a guide or explaining the intricacies of your industry. For example, MTWeb – our internet marketing agency – specializes in website positioning, Google Ads Facebook Ads campaigns, as well as in running profiles in social mia, Buzz Marketing content delivery. What keyword phrases do you think will determine the direction of our activities? Of course, those that fit into the services we provide.

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Here are some examplesGoogle Ads for local  in  publication, articles are found on distant search results cards, but over time, thanks to appropriate optimization, their position increases. Position monitoring is available in tools such as Senuto, SeoStation or SERPROBOT. How to customize an article for SEO? In addition to a thoughtful selection Latest Bulk SMS of topics bas on key phrases relevant to your business, SEO optimization is also important Here are tips to help Google notice appreciate your work as part of running a company blog: Write comprehensively – Prepare comprehensive content on the select topic, which will be the answer to the search problem. How long should the text be? There is no optimal article length. However, it is assum that it should not be shorter than.

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