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They check which tax ductions they can still of. One of the tax ruction options is to take advantage of the duction available to honorary blood donors. From the questions that reach the itorial office of, it appears that, contrary to appearances, the rules for using the relief are not so obvious. My son is a blood donor. Last year, he donat liters of blood. He is not yet working professionally does not receive any income. Therefore, it does not settle the annual PIT on its own Can I, as a parent, duct the tax relief due to him in my PIT, which I will submit jointly with my wife – asks our Reader. Read in LEX Determining the child’s income analysis of the profamily relief.

Who is eligible for blood relief

Unfortunately in this case, the duction will not be possible. Sylwia Loręcka, chief accountant, statutory auditor, Tax Alert expert , points out that only a taxpayer who donat blood free of charge is entitl to a relief for the donation. The parent, instead of Northeast Mobile Phone Number List the child, cannot take advantage of such a duction, the fact that he is using the profamily relief is of no importance here. Read in LEX How to take advantage of personal income tax relief? Even if the child does not earn any income, the parents, after meeting certain conditions, have the additional right to settle the tax relief for this child in the tax return pursuant to Article f of the Personal Income Tax Act.

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Donations made by the taxpayers

Child by donating blood , are not ductible from the parent’s income emphasizes Sylwia Loręcka. Similarly, a parent benefiting from preferential taxation of income by single parents will not duct from their income a donation for blood donation made Latest Bulk SMS by their child. Read in LEX Taxation of income of single parents Therefore, if a parent wants to take advantage of the blood relief, they must donate it themselves at a blood donation point. An honorary blood donor is defin as a person who donat blood free of charge was register in an organizational unit of public blood service. See also Despite the wide privileges, there is no common mobilization of blood donors Blood relief basic principles The blood allowance is duct similarly to donations.

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