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 It can be a finite or infinite population. Individual : each statistical unit that makes up the population Sample : representation of the population through a group Sampling : set of methods to obtain a sample Parameter : measurable characteristics in a population Value : different results obtained in a statistical study. For example. A die can give you 6 values ​​for each face it has. Data : values ​​that have been obtained when carrying out the study. For example: if I roll a die 4 times, I can get four pieces of information: 3, 6, 1 and 4.

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Census : study of the entire population general objective of statistics the objective of statistics is based on interpreting reality from data. Meanwhile, we can make decisions regarding the information we have at hand. Another important general objective would be to establish business database conclusions about the population of a study according to the information we have about a sample. As a specific objective we can identify the nature of a sampled phenomenon according to the causes and variations that incorporate it. Study methods: know everything about them, examples and techniques 19 may.

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Written by: UPN svg E Table of contents [ Show ] Do you want to know new techniques to study at school or university ? Discover these recommendations we have for you ! concept-of-study-methods Latest Bulk SMS There are many study methods and techniques, but remember that you should look for the one that works best for you according to your needs. From a technique that divides a sheet into three parts for greater organization, to a system based on a tomato-shaped clock; Today you will discover the best practices to achieve better benefits when learning.

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