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Therefore, it will have more accuracy and be more reliable; It will allow our hypothesis to be accepted or rejected. It is important to keep in mind that the formulas we will use are designed for a population that has a normal distribution. This is one of the most important characteristics of parametric statistics . Non-parametric statistics After several definitions of this important science, you will ask yourself: What is non-parametric statistics ? Well, they are the tests that do not admit a probability distribution for the data and that require fewer assumptions.

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They generally have statistical results that come only from counting and distribution procedures. Therefore, its interpretation is easier. svg E THE ORIGIN OF STATISTICS Since past centuries, humanity has been responsible for collecting information for many reasons: censuses, social developments , wars , etc. The Danish business lead  statistician Harald Wester gaard assured that at an etymological level “statistics” derives from the Italian word “stato” and “astaltista” which translated would mean “man who deals with matters of the State.” Therefore, it could be defined as the collection of facts that could be of interest to a statesman ; whether they were given in the form of observational numbers or not.

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From before Christ, the Mauryan Empire (321-296 BC) reached its peak with Asoka The Great . In that period, there are records that population, economic and agricultural censuses were carried out, both in cities and towns. According to information collected, the civilization had a highly developed Latest Bulk SMS statistical system for the time, which was replicated by different empires in subsequent centuries. What are the types of statistical data ELEMENTS OF STATISTICS These are some main elements of statistics with their definitions: Population : set of elements that are part of a study.

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