This is a key provision for all heirs, which allows you to immiately settle the inheritance case – indicates Radomir Szaraniec. According to him, the tax authority can theoretically close all the cases of the deceas in one proceing. Not only the issue of the rehabilitation relief, by issuing a decision in which it will determine the amount of the heir’s refund due to the relief. The tax authority should comprehensively collect information about the testator’s situation close his entire tax situation in one decision, accounting not only for the rehabilitation allowance, but also for example a lump sum for the lease says Radomir Szaraniec.

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To reserv share because they were not mention in the will are not heirs, although the amount of this refund for the relief affects the amount of the reserv share,the share is calculat from the value of the inheritance. As Przemysław Hinc emphasizes, however Canada Mobile Number List the tax office will not return the money until the heirs present a valid court decision confirming the acquisition of inheritance or a notary certification of inheritance. Therefore, he advises not to wait with regulating the right to inheritance after the deceas father or mother.

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That the right to a refund of overpaid tax expires after years, counting from the end of the calendar year in which the deadline for its refund expir. However, it is not worth delaying, because money can lose value especially now in the era of high Latest Bulk SMS inflation, so it is not worth waiting with the settlement of inheritance issues. All the more so that only one person who feels that he is an heir can apply to the court for confirmation of the acquisition of inheritance, the consent of other persons entitl to inheritance is not requir to initiate this procure, says Hinc.

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