These include a significant differentiation of content in terms of both purpose form – after all, a blog article is not the same as a product description, right? The correct selection of the length of the content, although sometimes a problem, is extremely important. In addition to the fact that this aspect determines the general reception by readers, it is also important in terms of image creation. Preparing accessible content has a positive impact on the perception of your br by potential customers. If you would like to learn more about text length planning, we encourage you to read our article.

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Length How many characters should a blog article have? Impact of text length on SEO Google algorithms content The more text, the better? Summary Types of texts their optimal length We can find a lot of content on the Internet. However, they often Kuwait Phone Number List differ from each other in form application. The most popular of them include primarily category description; product description; website content; blog article. The category description is us to present describe a given group of products. The recipient should therefore extract the most important information about them from it. When determining its volume, the key issue is its location on the page.

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The products it should be of such length that you can see their first row without scrolling. On the other h, longer content can be plac at the bottom of the page – thanks to this you can include more information in it. There are no clearly defin criteria as to how long Latest Bulk SMS the category description should be, but it is worth having at least , words. zzs. The product description also does not have a clear framework as to the requir length. It all depends on the type of goods you want to describe. Some of them are naturally easier to present. For example the description of a multifunctional smartphone will certainly be longer than the description of an ordinary chair.

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