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Content prepar in this way is much more pleasant for recipients, the text itself becomes dynamic. Nowadays, few people read offers from A to Z more more often we just scan the text with our eyes. So you only have a few seconds to attract the attention of customers make the most of it by using the abovemention. elements interesting headlines. Does the length of the texts matter? Yes. The length of the content is important, if only for the possibility of locating the right amount of key phrases in it without the saturation effect. For the Google algorithm, however, it is more important to exhaust the topic answer the questions of the Internet user. The relationship can be seen in when analyzing the content length of individual pages that are display in.

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The longest content is not always in the top positions, but it is in vain to look for sites that have not been burden with text content or it is relatively short. Content should also be divid into many thematic blocks relat to history experiences, prices of services offer especially if these are individually prepar in accordance with the nes of clients, portfolio Find Your Phone Numbers mission. When considering whether the length of texts for a website matters, it is worth paying attention to the results of the competition analysis from the TOP search results for the phrase “auto detailing Lublin”. You can see the downtrend in the image below. Order a free quote! Why is the longest text not in the first position? Because it is not the length of the text that determines the ranking of positions determin by Google.

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There are over such ranking factors

Many of them concern, for example, domain authority, technical indicators, website spe many other issues. Nevertheless, the page with the longest text promises well, which will certainly result in an even higher position in the organic search results in Latest Bulk SMS the future with a little work of SEO specialists. Headers types their meaning In the specification of the language, there are basic types of headings that should be us on a website, giving the hierarchy of individual paragraphs. The first theoretically most important is the H header, which is the title of the website, subpage or article. Include only one H heading. It should be short concise should contain a key phrase.

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