It should also be remember that in a situation where the entrepreneur performs various services, different lump sum rates may apply advises Aldona Barcicka. Price for you PLN Lump sum on register income. Comment Stanisław Bogucki, Arkadiusz Cudak, Aleksra WrzesińskaNowacka Check WE RECOMMEND Links in the text of the article may refer directly to the relevant documents in the LEX program You must be logg in to view these documents Access to the content of documents in the LEX program depends on the licenses you have. Author Wieslawa Moczydlowska Share the article Print add to Favorites COMMENT Read also The wife will not pay tax on the gift receiv by her husb HOME FINANCES INHERITANCE GIFT TAX The wife is not a taxpayer of inheritance gift tax on the gift that her husb receiv from his father, consequently there is no ne for her to pay this tax.

The personal property of the spouses

As a rule donations are part of so even donations without a contract or information specifying that the recipient is one of the spouses go to his/her personal property. Krzysztof Kazmierski February , PIT settlements for according to the new tax scale HOME PIT FINANCES The general principles of personal income taxation consist in applying the Indian Phone Number List tax scale. In Pol, currently from July , there are two rates of percent. The application of the correct rate depends on the amount of income earn during the tax year. The taxfree amount is February , Monday is the last day for entrepreneurs to change the form of taxation Until February ,  tax may change the form of taxation for this year the next.

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Entrepreneurs settling personal income

Some also in the annual PIT, which they will submit by the end of April, will be able to additionally modify the method of taxation of income for the previous year. However, special attention must be paid here. Not everyone can exercise Latest Bulk SMS this right. Krzysztof Koślicki February , PIT Transfer of percent. tax does not ruce the amount to be refund HOME PIT FINANCES Specifying in the annual tax return PIT a public benefit organization to which the head of the tax office is to transfer percent. tax, does not affect the amount of overpayment shown for refund in this tax return. Of course, the taxpayer will not be able to transfer percent. for the benefit of a select public benefit organization, when there is no tax due in its tax settlement.

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