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Payment system for the work done reporting; integration systems that allow users to pay for services in a convenient way; sending messages to residents with information about the application the cost of services the date of the visit of the master other information; user’s personal account with a history of interaction with the management. Company application tools attach documents. Of course the functionality of CRM for housing communal services may differ. Depending on personal requirements. At Wezom we develop customiz tools to solve business problems. We can implement almost any idea the main thing is that it benefits your business. Stages of CRM development Stages of CRM development CRM for the management company in Wezom is being develop in several stages.

They look like this Analysis preparation

Of terms of reference Experts conduct analytics. Determine the main nes of the business. Thanks to consultations together with your representatives we will form a clear action plan draw up a list of requirements that CRM for housing communal Taiwan Phone Number List services must meet prepare terms of reference for specialists. Design Programming Programmers will select the optimal technology stack which will allow creating automation tools for the management company. They will start developing code creating unique solutions for your business.

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Designers will develop an interface that

Be pleasant convenient easy to learn. According to the design the layout is done the finish tool is assembl. Testing launch During development components are check for errors it tun. Attention is paid to checking the security system as well as the expect Latest Bulk SMS loads. After successful tests we implement CRM for housing communal services in your company train employees to use the tools make all the settings launch it. Support After the launch we upload the application for users help to conduct a marketing campaign for the implementation of an automation system in the housing communal services sector provide warranty technical support advise control the operation of the tool.

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