Targeting select locations allows you to target users at the level, administrative areas provinces, states cities. Radius targeting, on the other h, makes your ad visible to. People in a specific geographic area, such as 10km around Krakow’s Old Town. To target multiple geographies, select the bulk targeting tool, which allows you to run an ad that targets multiple locations at once. You can also combine targeting types adjust their bid per clicks to get the best results in a given area. All of these tools are available in the “Campaign” tab of the Google Ads panel, in the “Locations” menu.

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Choosing the right your site for ad relevance can increase your ad return on investment. An effective way to optimize your site is to make sure you have a ling page that matches your ad. For example, if you’re advertising a new product, make sure that Armenia Phone Number List customers who click on your ad are taken directly to the product page. If buyers are taken to the homepage or other part of the site, they will have to take an extra step to find that particular product. In this case, you paid for an ad click that may not convert. Another way to optimize your site is to make it easier to navigate.

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Because they’re looking for something you have to offer. So make it easy for them to find that product or service Make navigation on your website intuitive Latest Bulk SMS by, for example, organizing your assortment by keywords or product categories. TIP: Use Google Analytics to monitor your site’s ad performance. This will allow you to collect customer data, gain insights into customer behavior, generate traffic reports to improve both your campaign website. You can also link your Google Ads account to your Google Analytics account.

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