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However goals must also be realistic to achieve It is impossible to assume something spectacular without the possibility of realizing it. Which of course does not mean not to aim high. Define such goals that will be effective, but within reach. Data inconsistency with reality When completing a marketing brief, you cannot afford to generalize or add information that is not entirely true. Do not stretch reality show your company as it is Sooner or later, such “little lies” would take their revenge in the next phases of the project. Knowlge gaps Sometimes there is a situation when customers especially those who start the first marketing activities for their company lack knowlge about their business from the marketing point of view.

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For example no distinguishing features from the competition, not specifying who the product is aim at or claiming that it is for everyone, lack of information about what problems a given service or product solves. These gaps are definitely worth Changsha Mobile Phone Number List supplementing, not only in terms of the upcoming cooperation with a marketing agency. How to efficiently go through a marketing brief? This is how we do it at We know perfectly well that this stage may seem burdensome for each client The marketing agency with which you intend to cooperate should do everything to go through the brief quickly efficiently. Briefs complet in the form of text documents are often associat with an unpleasant duty.

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Much information is enough. That is why our specialists believe that a more effective solution is to conduct a brief by phone or by videoconference. What exactly does it look like in ? We can say that this stage is divid into two parts Collecting information Latest Bulk SMS by the consultant at the stage of getting to know the client before signing the contract. Even then, we perform preliminary audits analyzes assess the potential of specific solutions for a given client. Brief perform by a specialist assign to a specific project. It always takes the form of a longer, prearrang conversation lasting about minutes. Even before the brief, the client receives a set of questions to prepare properly.

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