Your recipient will have to answer the question by clicking the appropriate tile. Source: Cinema City profile on Facebook Source: Cinema City profile on Facebook …or by asking a question Asking for an opinion express in the form of a reaction or selecting the appropriate option in the survey does not require a lot of time from your recipients, as a result of which they will certainly be happy to share their opinion with you. Another option, a bit more challenging for users but with more potential to exp your reach, is to ask a question. Create eye-catching graphics ask them about something relat to your industry or company.

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That will be to activate the community, as well as encourage wider discussion in the comment section. Showcase your product in action How to combine the desire to activate recipients with the possibility of increasing sales? With this idea for an engaging Canada Mobile Number List post it is possible! Do you have food products in your assortment? Excellent! Present your audience with a recipe featuring one of them. Or maybe you run a clothing store? Then consider preparing several variants of styling, dicat to various occasions, where one of the elements of your offer will play the main role.

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Likes comments you can be sure of that! Retain your audience with cycles This is definitely our favorite way to increase activity under posts on company profiles. Why? It combines expertise with community involvement. In this variant, we arouse Latest Bulk SMS interest in a given issue or topic, which we break down into the so-call. cyclea series of posts publish at an appropriate time interval. If the subject of the post is interesting from the perspective of your target group, you can be sure that they will reward you for this effort in the form of “likes” shares! Engaging post for the benefit of the recipient? Organize a contest! Contests are undoubtly one of the most engaging posts on Facebook.

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