Integration for housing communal services automates routine processes optimizes the work of employees improves communication with residents. All this has a positive effect on the company’s image recognition customer loyalty. The main advantages that CPM integration provides for housing communal services are as follows Quality control Managing managers will be able to evaluate the work of their employees in real time collect feback underst what are the advantages disadvantages of work how to eliminate the latter. This will allow you to literally be closer to users underst their nes underst the reality in terms of quality of services.

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The management company consists in compiling reports maintaining documentation working with papers. All r tape can be simplifi replac with an electronic control system. This will minimize the loss of documents filling errors quickly receive the Russia Phone Number List necessary papers in electronic form. Systematization of the extend consumer base As a rule the management company has several houses under its control. A single customer base will allow you to control work processes while it is segment divid into the necessary sectors. CRM for a management company allows you to manage the entire database.

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For example if you ne to send one message for all. Tenants or only a specific house entrance floor or even apartment.  We create a CRM system for business with a guarantee Your CRM system will not let you down. We guarantee the quality of our products Latest Bulk SMS like this to keep your site train your employees provide post-release support. Acceptance of payments Automat payment acceptance will ruce the cost of residents through lower fees facilitate payment methods for services at the same time provide receipts checks detail reports. Payment services are connect thanks to which the user pays for the service in a convenient way.

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