Google’s new data analysis tool. Looker studio davide rossi – 7 april 2023 looker studio what is looker studio. In short. It is an analysis platform. Base on business intelligence that allows you to integrate different sources and extract the most relevant company data. The business intelligence part certainly deserves due in-depth study. I.E. The set of actions aime at supporting decisions base on secure and unique data. In order to improve the company’s efficiency in reference to the reference market. You might be intereste in. .Google launches its artificial intelligence. Google sparrow is born. 

What changes now that Google Data Studio

What changes now that google data studio has become looker studio. Looker studio marketing managers know that previously the go-to google platform new data was data studio. Whose main features have now move to looker studio . In fact. Little changes for those who use the first tool for the purpose of connecting common data sources. However. It is possible to integrate the data manage by both platforms through customizable dashboards. Without forgetting that using looker and google data studio together allows you to combine the features of both tools for better overall data management. Another important detail. Looker offers advance paid features to process complex actions. While google data studio is free but limite to data visualization only.

How Looker Studio works

Download our guide now to find out how to use marketing automation. Lead generation and benefits for your business! How looker studio works looker Latest Bulk SMS studio let’s get to the crucial aspects. Looker studio allows you to connect all corporate digital marketing tools (and more) to view data immeiately and effectively. Once the data sources have been connecte. It is possible to visualize the entire information through graphs. Diagrams. Tables and other elements that can be customize by the user. Plus. The report updates automatically. Eliminating the nee for additional work after you set up the graphs and tables. Once the report is share with the team or client. All authorize parties have the ability to view the data in real time. The user experience component has not been overlooke.

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