Google’s new data analysis tool

Google’s new data analysis tool. Looker studio davide rossi – 7 april 2023 looker studio what is looker studio. In short. It is an analysis platform. Base on business intelligence that allows you to integrate different sources and extract the most relevant company data. The business intelligence part certainly deserves due in-depth study. I.E. The set of actions aime at […]

A Guide to Reporting in GA4

Although corporations often espouse noble goals around the topics of diversity and inclusion. They nee to move from sentiment into action and explore how to progress the narrative from a marketing exercise into something more cultural. This involves applying diversity and inclusion principles into not only their digital marketing content. But also into their day-to-day goals and activities. Some companies […]

With Colliers blending their strengths

His skills by creating high-frequency trading systems for the finance world’s fast-pac. players. Zhao took the plunge and establish. Binance in July 2017, kickstarting the venture with a successful initial coin offering that garner. an impressive $15 million. He is one of Canada’s richest people. By 2022, Binance had achiev. a remarkable feat, facilitating spot trades valu. at a staggering […]

As it Allows full Customization of the Page

– Email marketing and automation Creating separate pages for services Now that we have configured the entire system, the only thing we need is to add forms to the pages we want them to appear on. To do this, we will use “”( widget) instead of generic widget<TAG1>. We will insert standard table()( static page booking form“”) in general location […]