Identification and reputation remain the majority of reasons why your email lands in the folder it does.

Basically, a delivery issue means that you are dealing with a defective email address or there has been a negative interaction that blocks it. 

A deliverability issue means that your recipients aren’t interested in the content or you are not following current sending/permission tactics.

What is Considered Good Email Deliverability?

Obviously, the goal of every brand is to have 100% email deliverability. Unfortunately, the likelihood of this happening is slim.

Most senders in the United States have an inbox placement average of 77%. The remainder of the emails head to the Spam folder or “disappear.

What Affects Email Deliverability

One of the biggest enemies you face when it comes to email deliverability is the Internet Services Providers (ISPs). 

ISPs have an assortment of tools in their arsenal to keep spam from reaching the Inbox. Unfortunately, these tools can have a direct impact on your email deliverability, since the ISPs have such a plethora of emails to manage.

ISPs set a sending limit for all senders

When they believe you have reached this sending biz list limit within a certain period of time, your email will sustain a soft bounce.

This number may be set daily or weekly, depending on the frequency at which you send emails. The newer a sender you are or the less popular sender reputation you have, the more likely the ISP will be stricter with its sending limits.


This Helps to Make the Static Content

This usually results from recipients marking your mail as spam or having your email hard bounce repeatedly. 

The good news is that blocks don’t normally last more than a couple of days to a week.

Engagement from your recipients is important

If your recipient is receiving your emails but Latest Bulk SMS failing to open them, then this alerts the ISP that you may not be following positive sending tactics.

This means your emails go to the Spam folder. This can have a direct negative impact on your sender reputation.


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