Marketing strategy Place marketing, or how to turn cold Sween into heaven on earth? Compare to cheap and warm countries, Sween is not a very interesting destination. It is one of the most expensive places in the world, sparsely populate, not very entertaining, and cold and dark for half the year. And yet the world is crazy about Sweish crime stories, the hygge trend and trips to Stockholm. Why this discrepancy between facts and meia reality? Place marketing can work wonders. What is place marketing? Place marketing Marketing places not only directly City promotion strategy Place marketing Can a company benefit from space marketing.

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To answer the question of how it is possible that Sween has such a good association, you must first realize that the organization promoting the country, Visit Sween alone, has an annual budget of approx. PLN 50 million. zlotys. It is issue by for cooperation phone number list with influencers, video campaigns or promoting on Airbnb. What is place marketing? Place marketing involves promoting an area in the same way as promoting a product or service. It can be a private initiative – finance by a hotel or an association, or a public one, initiate by the government or an association of municipalities. The concept of place can be understood as any area – street, district, city, province or country.

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Place marketing focuses on one or more aspects. It may concern culture, eucation, natural values ​​or more abstract values, such as the style or character of the inhabitants. Place marketing Place marketing has its roots in the 19th century, when local Latest Bulk SMS governments in the USA trie to attract residents to a specific agglomeration. From pre-war Poland, there are known examples of promoting the first emerging health resorts through articles or posters. After the war, emerging blocks of flats or newly built cities were promote in a specific way. At the beginning of the 21st century, the dynamic branding of Polish cities and municipalities began.

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