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Company events – Dwór Korona Karkonoszy Integration event for employees in the form of a bonfire Integration events for employees can take various forms – as we have already mentione. Although a classic party with good food, live music and dancing until dawn always works, it is worth going a step further and planning a one-of-a-kind event. One that will provide employees with amazing experiences and will be the number one topic during breaks for a long time.

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Our favorite is the integration campfire, a real feast, during which employees will be able to taste tasty craft beers and fill their bellies with delicious, roaste sausages. The integration campfire cannot miss joyful music playe on the guitar, cheerful whatsapp mobile number list songs of the greatest Polish hits and calm conversations on topics unrelate to work and professional duties. It is worth to diversify the event with interesting attractions. All outdoor games, such as football, stalking, dodgeball or employee Olympic games fille to the brim with interesting competitions, will be perfect.

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You can also use simple word games that will make the time spent by the hearth more pleasant. Among them we will mention: puns, truth Latest Bulk SMS or dare, two truths or a lie, or a share history. The integration campfire does not require a special luminaire. Lush vegetation, calm rustle of trees, birds singing, pleasant warmth coming from the hearth and fresh air floating overhead create a sufficiently climatic atmosphere. However, nothing stands in the way of sprucing up the decor a bit. The party can be given a theme. A campfire in the Wild West, a Hawaiian party, or maybe a crazy American college party? There are plenty of possibilities! The only limit is the imagination of the organizers of the fun.

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