Finally create the events you would like to measure on In this case, you can also use the Google Tag Manager tool, which will make your work much easier. After completing these steps, you will have an active account with Google Analytics you will be able to start collecting traffic data on your website. Summary While GA is a fairly new tool, many people are already starting to use it instead of the previous version of Google Analytics. This is not a big surprise, because GA is a promising tool for those who are looking for modern effective ways to analyze traffic on their websites. Therefore, we hope that the information we have provid about Google Analytics will prove useful to you.

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Where we will develop this topic in the future!What is content duplication how to avoid it? January , There are many factors that affect the position of a website in a search engine. Unfortunately, its visibility can be quickly deteriorat even by mistakes made unconsciously. One of them may be the duplication of content , which significantly affects Czech Republic Phone Number List the quality perception of your website by both Google robots the users themselves. Would you like to learn more about the negative effects of content duplication? Wondering how to avoid it? Then you’ve come to the right place! In today’s article, we present the most important information on the forms of content duplication its adverse impact on the website.

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Content duplication – basic information Types of duplicate content Internal duplication External duplication Why is duplicate content harmful? Examples of the most common content duplications How to avoid duplicate content? Canonical address Latest Bulk SMS content duplication Summary Content duplication – basic information Let’s start with the basics – what exactly is content duplication? Simply put, duplicate content is a situation where the same or very similar content appears in several unrelat places on the web, or on different subpages within one website.

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