In addition to the growing scale of the problem of fiscal crime, the severity of penalties impos in tax crime cases is also growing. The authors of the study have a particularly negative opinion of the practice of using pretrial detention in a situation where the only reason allowing the judicial authorities to use this tool is the threat of a severe penalty to the suspect/accus. What is particularly worrying for the experts from the Ożóg Tomczykowski Law Firm the Business Center Club is the fact that one of the effects of the repressive penal policy of the state apparatus is the closure of enterprises Read in LEX Possibilities of avoiding punishment by the perpetrator of a tax offense misdemeanor Record number of clos businesses Ina.

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From the market as many as , companies were delet from the National Court Register. Only in the period from January to the end of October , the register of the Central Registration Information on Economic Activity receiv thous. applications Austria Phone Numbers List to close companies by percent. more than in CEiDG also receiv percent. more requests for suspension of activity. Read in LEX Suspension of business activity As not by Dr. Jacek Matarewicz, partner at the Ożóg Tomczykowski Law Firm, looking at the number of legal regulations successively introduc since , which were suppos to tighten the tax system, in fact l to an increase in repressiveness for certain categories of acts, the results of the analysis were prictable.

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Courts as well as statements of business representatives harm by the state apparatus, confirm that judgments in tax cases are becoming more more severe. Arrests are us too hastily. Read in LEX Blocking a bank account at the request of the head Latest Bulk SMS of KAS After the introduction of a special type of invoice crimes, the number of those convict under these provisions is also increasing year by year in individual courts The weakening of legal certainty, at the same time its prictability, will have a negative impact on the number of foreign investments in the country.

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