Employment, real estate, social issues Some targeting options are limit or unavailable for businesses that offer loans, employment, or real estate For ads that deal with social issues, elections or politics, advertisers sometimes ne to obtain authorization in the country where the content is plann to run In the latter case, if the company that runs the ad does not select the special category ad option, the material may be reject by Facebook HOW TO AVOID OVERLAPPING AUDIENCES? Facebook allows for advanc settings for selecting a campaign audience In some cases, however, there may be a problem of overlapping users This is a situation where two (or more) groups overlap.

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This is a bit like a situation where one person receiv two leaflets from the same company Not only does this burn the budget, but it can also irritate the person who comes across a duplicate advertising message On Facebook, the situation is Czech Republic Mobile Number List visualiz with circles of different colors The intersection is mark as a duplicate message While this is not a major threat to the success of your campaign, it can lead to poor performance for your ad sets It is worth trying to keep the duplicate transmission ratio as low as possible Fortunately, FB found a solution to this problem In the Ads Manager, it is possible to check the overlap percentage of the select audience.

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If such a problem occurs, you can use the following solutions: merge overlapping ad sets exclusion of group A from group B, narrowing down the targeting options, It is therefore possible to combine similar groups of recipients into one set In this Latest Bulk SMS way, your company will certainly get better results of the advertising campaign Excluding group A from group B is useful, for example, to isolate users who have already decid to use services or purchase products This way, you can avoid hitting them with the same ad all the time Narrowing your targeting options means, for example, excluding interests in group A that are present in group.

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