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Instant material you want to consider Contact form You can also reach potential customers by selecting people who have had contact with your company’s contact form However, they did not have to complete it completely It is enough to decide on one of the three variants defining the events: anyone who has open this form People who open the form but didn’t submit it people who open  submitt the form Remember that in this case you can also specify which contact form it is about Shopping If your br sells through a store on Facebook or Instagram, it is worth betting on.

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People who have interact there In this case, up to events are available Audience settings allow you to target ads to: people who view products People who view your products  open your website people who sav products, people who view the store Cyprus Mobile Number List page, people who view a collection of stores people who add any products to the basket, people who initiat the purchase of any products, people who bought any products Before that, however, it is necessary to choose whether the remarketing group should be for a Facebook page or an Instagram account By using the FB Pixel, you can reach returning  loyal customers One of the best converting audiences are people who add.

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Product to their carts but did not buy it It is obvious that they are interest in it There could be many reasons for resignation In addition, it is possible to filter depending on which product has been add to the basket events If your company has creat events on Facebook, they can also be a source of audience People who have had contact with the event Latest Bulk SMS have react to it in some way offer great opportunities for remarketing In this case, the specialist responsible for setting up the campaign can select: people who respond that they would participate or are interest, people who.

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