Can exce are extreme cases, but by consulting this issue with an SEO specialist already at the stage of planning the structure of the website, you will avoid unsightly walls of text, your developer graphic designer will be able to design sufficiently long graphically attractive subpages. A very important aspect of creating a website with SEO in mind is to avoid text animation, as well as hiding, exping or presenting it on tabs. Google robots are very intelligent creations, but they deal with content animations differently. The presentation of a long text in the form of a few sentences a “Read more” button that exps the rest seems tempting, but from the SEO point of view it is often an insurmountable obstacle.

Just like the aesthetic smooth insertion

Of text or other, even very delicate, animations. Google also pays attention to the problems that content animations can generate – such as “escape” of buttons, which usually leads to problems with website navigation. In response to this, it extends one of the Spain Phone Numbers List ranking factors, the so-call Page Experience with several new aspects, including CLS – bulk layout shift. To put it simply, this means that an excess of animations, causing instability of the page’s appearance, may cause a lower position in the search results. The question arises – where is the border? PageSpe ​​Insights will help you test your layout website construction its corresponding hierarchy.

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When reading books magazines or guides

Clearly mark titles subheadings all kinds of lists – bullet or number – help a lot. Try to transfer these solutions to your website. Users will thank you for the readability of the text, Google robots will appreciate your work. The title of each subpage Latest Bulk SMS should be cover by the H heading tag, which is very important for positioning should appear only once on the subpage. The role of subheadings should be perform by H headings, in a more detail division, it is worth using  headings. It is worth being aware of this already at the stage of creating a website,

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