Therefore you ne to define an audience for your company.the target, it will be much easier for you to create direct the message, as well as gain engagement on the profile. Why? The method of communication will depend on who your followers are – you will address middle-ag people differently, while you will use a different form for younger audiences. Other factors are also important. To identify the audience of your Facebook profile, characterize the average person purchasing your products or services. For this purpose, create the so-call persona to learn as much as possible about it be able to use this information in everyday communication. The persona includes: the following issues: name; age; occupation; place of residence (city or village; single-family house or flat.

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Goals to achieve a trip to a distant place, or maybe creating a happy family the problems they face (e.g. unsatisfactory work); what does he use the Internet for (prefers reading or watching, how often he uses a smartphone); attitude towards Austria Phone Numbers List shopping (where do they do it, does it spontaneously or maybe well in advance); way of spending free time (e.g. at home with your favorite series or with friends in the city). Have you manag to develop a persona or several personas, depending on the specifics of your industry? Great! Now, when you publish any post on Facebook, create it with her/them in mind. Thanks to this, you will attract a wide group of loyal active recipients.

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Time commitment will definitely pay off! Second: Decide how to communicate You already know who you will be creating engaging Facebook posts for . It’s time to think about how in what form you will do it. Want to be seen as an expert? Share Latest Bulk SMS knowlge present your competences, e.g. in the form of infographics or short animations. Are you close to humor? Consider building communication bas on witty jokes – relat, of course, to your business. Write down in the strategy what technique you choose for your br’s business profile, as well as what tools you will use. Creating posts in accordance with the select method will help you maintain the consistency of the message.

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