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It is also important whether it will be us, salespeople or management boards, for whom analytics is not a passion, but a stage on the way to making a specific business decision. For us as a Salesforce partner, the obvious choice is Tableau – a solution includ in the Salesforce ecosystem in Our Data Analytics department uses this Business Intelligence tool on a daily basis, helping clients gain invaluable insights into their data regarding their business operations. Logo SalesforceHow to run a company blog well? by cloudy | PublishSeptember , Guest post by DevaGroup. Running a company blog may seem like a simple task that does not require planning.

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In fact it is quite the opposite. Creating prior preparation. A publication plan is essential, containing not only valuable topics, but also keywords a draft of the content. However, there are tools that can help streamline this process. How to Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List start a company blog? Running a company blog is an important part of marketing activities aim at building the company’s image as an expert increasing br awareness among customers. For this reason, a company blog should be closely relat to what products or services are offer. Conducting it in a completely different topic completely misses the point will not bring results.

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With defining technical issues, whether it will be implement as a subdomain, or in the main domain, mojastrona.Each option has its advantages Latest Bulk SMS disadvantages, so it is worth choosing the one that will be the best in a given situation. In terms of SEO – the second option is better, because blog content will directly support the visibility of the offer page. Before you start creating content, you should also think about the structure of the blog, categories tags, so that they are intuitive for users. So don’t create categories tags with the same name or too many of both.

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