Also of course there are many different libraries frameworks there are dozens of different tools for each programming language that help developers not waste time on the same type of work make the process of writing code easier faster. Features of back-end development Features of back-end development If we try to underst the backend in more detail then it can be divid into three main most global components the server part databases interaction interfaces. Each of them is matory performs its functions in the general mechanism of the web resource. Let’s take a closer look. Server part Every website or application has two sides – a client a server. The client is the application shell or browser that is what the user interacts with from where requests are sent to the server.

the server essentially machine that processes

These requests returns the necessary information. At the same time one server can process requests from many clients just as one client can access many servers. Consider a simple example of client-server interaction you pay for a purchase in an online Slovenia Phone Number List store enter all the data send. The client sends data to the server the server checks processes them when the payment is accept it returns a notification to the client a confirmation message appears on your screen. But requests do not always require only data processing. Sometimes you ne to get some information from its storage. Then the server has to access the databases. Database The server only processes information but does not store it.

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There are special tools for thisĀ  databases

So for example when you make a purchase in an online store the server accesses the database to check the availability of the product only then allows you to buy it. Or when logging into any system a database is also us it stores all logins passwords when Latest Bulk SMS you enter your login data the server sends a request to the database to check if there is such a login-password pair; if yes you get access to the system you logg into. Interaction Interfaces APIs The Application Programming Interface is the part of the server that the client directly interacts with. when it comes to just one server one client in a vacuum everything seems pretty simple. But in real life this rarely happens.

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