Therefore, Shorten URLs! The 13 Best URL Shorteners for Social Networks. In this post I will make a complete guide to what I consider to be the best URL shorteners. Therefore, and I will teach you how to use it on different social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. Therefore,  but I will also show you how to interpret the analytics of our posts and those of ours. competitors who use this same URL shortener. To make it a very practical guide, I have made a mini guide to Bitly.

Types of programs on Mac

Types of programs on Mac. In the macOS system there are two types of applications or programs. They have their own installer. If you drag this application to the trash to delete it, it would not be a correct way, since you would be leaving a email contact list  large number of files (garbage) stored on our computer. Those that are containers. We can drag this type of application to the trash to delete it, since we will be deleting the entire program files folder.

Best Pages to Shorten URLs

1.- Bitly: Bitly is without a doubt the most used URL shortener and it is the one that I chose from the beginning to shorten my links on Social Networks. Therefore, at least that was the case until a few months ago I decided to use buffer as the main tool to schedule my tweets, it is For this reason. Therefore, the clicks that appear in this Latest Bulk SMS graph are very low since I use it very little now. Although Bitly can be used without having to register.

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