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Digital Marketing Course Book

Digital Marketing Course Book. After more than 700 articles published on the blog. Therefore, I have decided to write my first physical book with the Anaya publishing house. Yes, you heard right, I can finally present my book Digital Marketing Course. Therefore, where you will learn in a practical way how to develop a digital marketing plan for any project. The book is 100% practical and you will also have access to a 16-lesson video course where you will learn how to apply the different digital marketing strategies described in the book. Based on my professional experience, defining the roadmap of a digital project correctly and correctly is essential if we want to get closer to our objectives, otherwise we can make the mistake of trying actions until we find one that works or gives us some results.

Definition of the Business Model And Internal Analysis

There are many projects that are launched on the market without first having correctly defined what their business model really is. It is necessary to determine job function email list what the most important monetization routes for the project will be. But not only that. It is also essential to determine what the elements on which it must be based are going to be, as well as being clear about the costs. Internal Analysis:  Before starting to design a marketing strategy. Therefore, we must do an internal analysis to know what our competitive situation is. You will have to analyze both offline elements, such as: Analysis of services. Analysis of the products. Departmental analysis. Etc.

job function email list

Objectives and buyer persona And SEO Strategies

Objectives and buyer persona:  In this chapter we will see the importance of defining SMART objectives that are achievable and the buyer persona. Defining our ideal client well is essential if we want to send them the right message. The same product can have different customers Latest Bulk SMS segmenting them and understanding the differences between them must be a priority. Therefore, in addition to telling you all the questions you have to ask yourself, I will tell you the tools you can use.

SEO Strategies: In this chapter you will learn the essential points when designing an SEO strategy. From the study of words, through on-page and off-page factors. As well as the most important KPIs to measure the SEO strategy.

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