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The modern user interface in Microsoft SharePoint was designed to be compelling, customizable, flexible and also more powerful. For example , the information architecture and hub sites in the classic SharePoint UI are built with a hierarchical system of site collections. This means that their navigation, permissions, and design are inherited. In the modern SharePoint experience, the architecture is such that each site is a site collection . In addition, this can be linked to a hub, resulting in a flat hierarchical structurearises.

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For navigation, branding and other elements, these can easily be shared. Other key benefits to consider when making the switch include: It’s easier to switch between websites in the modern UI. The versions for mobile devices are dynamic, responsive database and look very good regardless of the device used. Publishing pages are now communication pages , which means that they’re not only mobile-friendly, but also more engaging, dynamic, and beautiful at the same time. The search field is located at the top of the page and contains other functions.


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When it comes to sharing and permissions, the modern interface leverages Microsoft 365 Groups – this offers benefits such as group emails Latest Bulk SMS and many tools such as a planner, notebook, a group calendar and a SharePoint team page. It also offers flexibility in terms of group permissions. Finally, page performance is better in the modern UI. How to migrate pages from classic to modern Once you have decided to switch your intranet from SharePoint On-Premise to SharePoint Online, you may be wondering how to adapt all your pages from classic to modern. In the original SharePoint version, this is costly and time consuming.

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