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 What is this about? Reply Edouard Rubina’s Month Hello John, for custom configuration related issues, it is best to write to Support. All went well. What procedures do I need to make my reservation cancelled by users of Havel Si Fuentes January Can reports be generated from the front-end For example, a reservation for a certain day? Reply Edouard Rubies January Evening Hi Javier, Unfortunately Yes, there is still an important drawback, that is, it does not have a manually edited reservation control panel.

The guarantee of security and automatic copies

This is my request to employees; let’s see if they will implement it in the near future. Thanks for special data  your comments. Reply Victor Mehia On a good day, thank you very much for your article, I filled out the fields required by the activity form in the section that sent emails to the person filling in the form and to the administrator, but they did not reach any one or other thing that could be done Or you have something to see how to configure it in case I fail in some way

That your information is not at risk

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Reply Edouard Nubians January Hello Victor, I don’t know what’s going on with you. If you have any questions, you can contact Support. All went well. Reply Carlos Month Day What a great post education I have only one question because it does not seem to offer that option. You can limit the number Latest Bulk SMS of places available for a period, but can the same user book, for example, a place I can think of similar events and you could say, Come on, Ill let you get the most free tickets by email.

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