Must first set up an account in Google Merchant. Center , which is necessary to manage products through files, but not only Then it is necessary to have a product file that contains a list of products with their parameters A product fe is a relevant collection of data regarding the product name, its description, condition, price, photos, promotions other information Most often it is creat by an IT specialist After developing it, you ne to upload it to. GMC configure it It is important that you upload your current data file at least once a month from your account The final stages in the creation process are the configuration of the given message This includes entering a campaign name.

Specifying CPC bids strategy daily budget

Among other things We can set any. Parameters modify them in a situation where we have more than one ad To create a product campaign in Google Ads, select the campaign category select the appropriate item It is important to define the goal of your activities, which are sales, leads website traffic For online stores, it is best to choose the first option Ivory Coast Mobile Number List that will help you increase your profits However, these issues can also be adjust individually, depending on your nes expectations How is PLA different from other types of advertising? Compar to other types of advertising, the PLA product campaign performs favorably, but it has significant limitations It allows you to choose the right product, creat on the basis of a file sent to Merchant Center In addition, rates, overall budget, other relevant issues are determin.

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Among other things However when

Comes to factors relat to SEO positioning , they are fully dependent on the Google system They are select automatically, there is no possibility of introducing changes or modifications However, we can specify those keywords that do not match your product campaign PLA. CAMPAIGNS THEIR TYPES Google PLA is generally divid into two types This Latest Bulk SMS is a stard product smart campaign There are significant differences between them, including the scope of activities perform, as well as opportunities facilities Stard PLA campaign The stard campaign is the most frequently chosen type of strategy Often select at the moment when a given entity is just starting its activities on the market, or there is not enough information data necessary to create an intelligent campaign This type provides much wider possibilities in an efficient configuration It covers many issues such as: Ad groups.

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