We will see how a tourism player can use social networks and other marketing tools to attract visitors to their tourist destination. In an attempt to understand the challenges and opportunities of E-tourism, we conductd an interview with Samir Sirat , Communication and E-Marketing Officer for the Rouen Tourist Office . Presentation by Samir Sirat Samir Sirat has been in charge of communication and webmarketing for the Rouen Tourist Office since 2009. Intranet content management (PIntra) 6 Strategic Constraints Native Microsoft SharePoint also has some strategic limitations.

To Fight As Much As Possible Against

Not adapted to the company The “traditional” vision of the corporate intranet often prevails to the detriment of field workers’ issues. Intranets have whatsapp mobile number list not evolved to meet modern business needs. However, these requirements are not necessarily identified prior to deployment. 2. Governance Unclear internal controls Vision, content management, research, roles and responsibilities, training, support 3. The role of the contributors They are often seen as carriers of the corporate culture, which means that the predominant role of the employees recedes into the background.

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Improving The Quality Of Its Displays

Working method The theme needs to be embedded in. A vision of business transformation and working methods and not in. A communication project. 5. Information overload. A lot of content/information with often complex structuring of the Latest Bulk SMS information. Often generic and identical content for all users Complex update. Continuous Improvement. The focus is on the early stages of the project, although the key to. Success lies much more in continuous improvement. EN – Webinar  Intranet content management (PIntra) The final result Overall. Native SharePoint sites provide the essential functionality and integrations with Microsoft 365 and third-party services that businesses need.

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