Online and stationary content does your store need? After the above discussion I think you now know why having content in your store is crucial. Now let’s move on to the specifics of what you need. Your Store’s Home Page Contrary to Appearance. The home page of your store is not the most important place because in the long tail strategy we use in our. Online store we focus on targeting hundreds or thousands of niche product phrases. This means that most users will visit product subpages rather than the store’s homepage. Even so you can’t ignore her when searching for keywords and it’s worth considering choosing keywords for her. Of course, if Google wants to direct users to the homepage.

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It needs to prepare fully optimized content for these selected keywords. Perfect for this purpose I use it almost every day at work. You enter a key phrase in it and after a few minutes of analysis it spits out precise guidelines for your content so that it can rank Photo Retouching high in Google results. Content Guidelines Category Descriptions. Another underrated but great place to put your content is another underrated but great place to put your content. There are usually many categories in the store. Of course just like the homepage before preparing any content research key phrases and then prepare optimized category descriptions for those phrases.

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Such a description should on the one hand convince the customer to read the proposed list of products in this category and on the other hand contain the content. Again, I recommend the previously mentioned software. You can include links to subcategories in the Latest Bulk SMS category description. Category descriptions are missing in many of the stores I analyzed and even if they are there there is often no keyword research done so they are not optimized for any keywords it is just an art for art’s sake so customers can see that something has been done.

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