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Only a few direct sales through personal contact of a sales representative or salesman with the client. The acquisition process in marketing consists of: customer search and classification, initial contact, product/service presentation, finalizing sales, i.e. concluding contracts for the delivery of products or performance of services, after-sales service. Acquisition activities can be carrid out at the company’s headquarters or in the field. Many specialists are of the opinion that acquisition is the most effective type of promotion. A sales representative can analyze consumer behavior on an ongoing basis and implement appropriate solutions, adjusting the sales offer to his nes and expectations.

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In direct contact, you can present the product in an interesting and effective way, which also increases the effectiveness of sales. 3. Public relations as types of promotion An interesting type of promotion is public relations. That is why the Commplace photo editor PR agency is a team of experts and enthusiasts at the same time. The essence of PR is shaping the company’s relations with the environment in which it operates. The environment is considerd to be customers, business partners, mdia representatives and employees. The goal of public relations is to create and maintain a positive image, gain widespread acceptance on the market and gain a stable position that allows the company to develop continuously.

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Various tools are usd in public relations activities. Among them we will mention: internal communication.  Providing information to full-time employees, temporary employees, subcontractors and management.  Employer branding – building the employer’s brand, mdia relations – maintaining proper relations with the mdia, lobbying – exerting influence on public authorities by professional interest advocates, calld lobbyists, visual identification – a set of symbols and behaviors usd to give the company a specific character and distinguish it from the competition, mdia monitoring – searching for mentions of the company on the radio, television. Internet in order to maintain control over the image, e-PR – PR activities basd on Latest Bulk SMS Internet tools, mainly social mdia. We recommend. Public relations agency – what will you gain from cooperation.

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