Warner Bros prepares a new free streaming platform

A new player would be about to enter the streaming competition. Warner Bros would add to the offering of these platforms by offering free content with advertising. Warner Bros. would enter streaming Warner Bros Discovery would be preparing a free streaming platform that would enter the market in the near future. In days when Netflix users are dissatisfied with its […]

Rappi continues to grow in the region and takes over the market

Since it arrived in Argentina 5 years ago, Rappi has had approximately 6 million downloads , so it registers around 1.3 million fully active users , around 15 registered businesses and about 20,000 delivery people deployed throughout the territory. Rappi: Advantages of ecommerce In commemoration of the 5th anniversary in the southern country, Rappi has released its report called “ECommerce […]

Panorama of logistics in ecommerce for 2023

It is known that logistics is decisive for the development of the economy in general terms , at least in the field of ecommerce . Therefore, it is one of the fundamental actors when it comes to distributing products marketed in digital stores. The role played by logistics operators is very relevant, since they are essential figures for the sector, […]

The phygital experience reaches retail in Peru

As part of its new omnichannel strategy, Real Plaza opened its first phygital space, to provide an experience that integrates physical and digital purchases. Real Plaza opens its first phygital space In line with its omnichannel strategy, the Real Plaza shopping center chain opened its first phygital space in Peru, where it integrates physical and digital purchases. The area where […]

Protection of personal data: Fines amount

The fines that the National Authority for the Protection of Personal Data (ANPD) can establish range between S/ , and S/ , , this in reference to sanctions in the field of personal data . In alone, the entity inspected some institutions and established fines that exceeded S/ million. . The ANPD imposes fines depending on the severity of the […]

Three trends to manage customer experience

Today customers are looking for a unique, omnichannel and personalized experience. Given this, companies must be prepared in an increasingly competitive environment, paying attention to trends in customer experience management. Trends for managing customer experience Faced with customer demands for a unique, omnichannel and personalized experience, companies must differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive market. Innovation and strategy must go […]

Fintech companies are cutting their staff

A large number of workers in the financial technology industry , whose more particular name is fintech , are in a compromising situation with their jobs, since these companies are reducing costs for the first time. Fintech: Despidos en Affirm Holdings Inc y Holdings Inc Affirm Holdings Inc. , known for being a “buy now, pay later” lender , as […]


人們如此熱衷於 Facebook 群組,當然還有 Telegram 頻道等社群。這對於品牌來說非常強大。 Telegram 在參與度方面獲得了額外的積分。根據 Ayrshire 的一項研究,Telegram 的參與率非常高,有 20% 的瀏覽量,而 Instagram 為 3%,Facebook 為 4%。 因此,如果您是希望加入 Telegram 的行 銷人員或品牌經理,我選擇了三的品牌範例。準備好 特立尼達和多巴哥商業電子郵件列表 受到啟發吧! 在策略中充分利用 Telegram 的品牌 泰德演講 Ted Talks 是世界上最著名的視訊頻道之一,因為其鼓舞人心的最新內容展示了來自不同領域的專家的研究和會議,他們每天向 Ted Talks 頻道上的數千名訂閱者分享他們的知識。 該公司使用 Telegram 作為其Youtube 頻道的附加組件。 YouTube 上最受歡迎的影片 在 Telegram 上分享。因此,那些可能不會在YouTube上花費大量時間的追蹤者會收到最有趣影片的通知。 華盛頓郵報 位於華盛頓特區的美國最大日報使用 Telegram 來鼓勵讀者閱讀 義大利 WhatsApp 號碼列表 更多內容。他們是如何做到的呢?《華盛頓郵報》發布最熱門、最新新聞的簡短公告,每天大約發布 5 個帖子,為那些沒有足夠時間閱讀整個故事的追隨者提供更新,帶來每條新聞的主要亮點。 這是一種在 Telegram 頻道上留住觀眾並激發那些想要在報紙網站上閱讀全文的人的好奇心的便捷方法。