Before requesting SEO measures, you need a minimum amount of knowledge. Without a minimum level of knowledge. It is impossible to judge whether a contractor or a policy is good or bad. There is a risk of contracting with a company. What you need that can only provide poor quality measures and wasting your budget. In addition, in order to pass an internal decision, it is necessary to provide an explanation that the person making the decision can understand.This requires knowledge. There are three things you should know before requesting SEO measures. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

SEO measures take time to become effective

SEO measures are not something that will produce immediate results. If you start from scratch, it will take more than a year to see results. And even if you have already made some progress. It will take half a year. Just because you don’t see immediate results after implementing SEO measures. It’s no good to change the company or the measures after a month Phone Number List or two. It is common for SEO measures to not be effective. So it is important to keep an eye on them for a certain period of time.In particular. We recommend a company that can provide consulting services if you want to do it in-house. A company that can produce content if you outsource it. The measures that can be requested differ depending on the SEO company. So it is important to focus on what the company will do for you .  This cannot be determined by price alone. Even if the price is high. If the measures are implemented properly. The cost-effectiveness will be high if the price is low and few measures are taken.The cost-effectiveness will be low.

Sometimes perform black hat SEO

There are some SEO companies that do black hat SEO. This is a violation. Black hat SEO is an SEO technique that goes against Google’s guidelines. Although your search rankings may improve in the short term.In most cases you will be penalized by being excluded from search results or deleted from the index. If you receive such a penalty. Your website will no longer be displayed in search results, resulting in zero traffic from search engines . Once you receive a penalty, it is extremely difficult for your site to rank high in search results again .

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