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This may be perceiv by the search engine as an attempt to manipulate the ranking, which may then result in the imposition of a penalty on the page. Another important point is to avoid copying or duplicating meta tags. Their basic assumption is uniqueness originality. Therefore, it is a bad idea to use the same content as competing sites. What’s more, the meta title meta description should not be repeat within the subpages of one website. duplication of your own, already existing meta tags or “borrowing” them from the  It always has a negative impact on the page’s position, so it should be avoid. When preparing meta tags, you should also remember about their proper presentation.

Competition may result in content duplication

Therefore it is better to give up using only capital letters – they look unnatural are not very practical. Also eliminate all kinds of spelling or grammatical errors that discourage users from entering the site. How to set meta tags in WordPress? Yoast SEO plugin Cameroon Phone Number List If you use WordPress as your CMS, the easiest way to set meta tags will be to use the Yoast SEO plugin Most of the options it offers are available in the free version, but it is also possible to purchase the premium version, . After installing activating the plugin in WordPress, you will get access to the meta tag settings for each of your website’s subpages. Enter the classic iting mode of the select subpage.

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Which provides additional extend tools

Website iting in WordPress Scroll down to the Yoast SEO section complete the title description field. Yoast plugin in WordPress Accept the changes made. The Yoast SEO plugin will also indicate if your meta title meta description are the right Latest Bulk SMS length. In addition, it will show you how they will be present in search results both on mobile devices on the computer. We know from experience that you can sometimes write slightly longer meta tags than indicat by Yoast SEO. Remember that after the changes have been implement the results have been re-index, it is worth checking your meta tags directly as interpret by the Google search engine in the SERP results.

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